REALT is a real estate investment system where you buy shares of houses and earn daily rent income.

Each house has it's own token which can anytime be traded on uniswap.

Holders of tokens get their daily share of rent in USDC to their ETH address.

To receive rent you must be 'whitelisted' at REALT. Sign up at REALT to get this done!

This page provides an overview with quick links to each houses' uniswap.

Directly at REALT you get the best prices, but houses are always quickly sold out.

Current REALT Houses:

House NameToken PriceYearly %Yearly Rent
Andover Drive$53.1311.06%$5.88
Appoline Street 10024-28$145.5611.82%$17.21
Appoline Street 18276$52.3211.90%$6.23
Audubon Road$77.7310.38%$8.07
Deerfield Beach, FL$57.967%$4.06
Freeland Street$49.0211.66%$5.72
Fullerton Ave$161.8412.76%$20.65
Lesure Street$69.4010.24%$7.11
Liberal Street$48.9813.04%$6.39
Mansfield Street$51.3111.09%$5.69
Marlowe Street$63.7512.39%$7.90
Patton Street$62.7010.25%$6.42
Schaefer Hwy$50.8312.59%$6.40